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Saturday, October 23rd 2004

5:51 PM

Stagecoach Super League - Premier Division

  • League Position

GLENAFTON ATHLETIC 0 Cumnock Juniors 2


Other Scores

Johnstone Burgh 1 Kilwinning Rangers 1, Pollok 0 Larkhall Thistle 1

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Posted by Mark:

Bad day at the office today, lost to a poor Cumnock side. Hopefully back to business next week.
Saturday, October 30th 2004 @ 10:58 AM

Posted by Ronnie:

Cant believe that there has been no more reaction to the manner of defeat. It seemed to me that we came out second best in virtually every department. Even our warm up is the worst that I see week on week. Every other team seem to come to New Cumnock up for a game and putting that special something into preparations and warm up and we seem(to me) a bit lacksadaisical and just think it'll be ok when we get into them because we are the Glens.
I felt that all the things that were wrong when Daz wasnt there on holiday earlier were showing signs of creeping in already. When things were not happening for us in the second half on Saturday we still kept humping high balls forward and they came straight back as Stevie and Boydy just couldnt get it down and hold it in. We failed to get any width and i think succeeded in bringing Aggie into the game in a good position about twice.We badly missed Daz's tweaks and yes i know he has gone but I am only saying we MUST learn from what didnt go right on Saturday.
From where I was standing there seemed to be nothing coming from Skip and he must address that, Stevie MUST concentrate on his game and not try to be manager and striker...cant work in my opinion.

Dalziel has gone and I support new team totally, but I hope that they learn from a painful lesson on Saturday.
Saturday, October 30th 2004 @ 10:59 AM

Posted by Fan:

Ronnie were u at the same game as me?. The warm up wasn't even right?.
Saturday, October 30th 2004 @ 11:01 AM

Posted by Ronnie:

Yeah I was at the game. Do you watch the warm up? Just compare them next few weeks. I think we normally start a bit slow and that is my theory why.

For example..on Saturday Cumnocks starting side played an intense box game after they had done their runs and stretching and were up n ready before the off.
Maybe talkin rubbish, but at least I am saying something....discussion on here is non existant week after week
Saturday, October 30th 2004 @ 11:02 AM

Posted by bj:

seems like were splitting hairs here just to make a point--did you see the warm ups for v bellshill and v larkhall?? no differant from saturday at loch park--what exactly is your point? dalzeal has just admitted that we are fitter than his new first division team so we must be doing something right-or are you like the rest of us--dont like getting beat
Saturday, October 30th 2004 @ 11:03 AM

Posted by Ronnie:

Maybe thats the problem...I wasnt expecting to get beat eh?
Just felt we were a bit slack overall and didnt hit the heights we had over previous few weeks. You dont expect that at home against Cumnock and was simply lookin for a reason.
Incidentally maybe didnt make it clear that i thought the "poor" warm up was a symptom of the flat performance and not the cause.
Saturday, October 30th 2004 @ 11:05 AM

Posted by FAN:

Did anyone see any good points about the Glens on Saturday?, obviously not.
Saturday, October 30th 2004 @ 11:06 AM

Posted by Roddy:

The way both teams were playing on Saturday, I couldnt see any of them scoring, but then Christmas came early and we handed them two gifts. Cumnock are not so hot and if we had played the same as we did the two previous Saturdays we would have ran riot. I am sorry to say but we didnt have many stars on Saturday. Not just this season but when we are on a wee run of victories I feel that the team gets a bit cocky and thinks the way we are playing, that no one can beat us well its high time they realized that they can be beat, and another sore point is, the defence should play to the whistle instead of waiting on these clowns of refs blowing for offside. some of these Saturdays were going to be caught out with not playing to the whistle.I have placed a bet on the Glens to win the league and the Scottish, surely I can get it right for once.
Mr McSherry The King of Westsound we have the finest junior footballing team in Scotland.
Saturday, October 30th 2004 @ 11:08 AM

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