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Saturday, August 14th 2004

6:12 PM

Rockware League Cup Section 5

  • Glens Goals
  • League Position

Cumnock Juniors 1 Glenafton Athletic 3

Scorers : Stewart, Mallan, Agnew

Other game in Section 5

Craigmark Burntonians 1 Kello Rovers 3

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Posted by Johnny Lad:

A right gid fighting performance fae the boys . Thought big John was a bit unlucky to be sent off, but in saying that the ref was shocking .Once again Stevie Mallan was outstanding , in my opinion anyway and thought wee Aggie & John Crawley deserve a bit of praise to for the effort they put in , once we were down to ten men . Thought the keeper Darren Johnson did well ,apart from the goal which im sure he was dissapointed in losing . Also id like to wish Joe all the best , it looked like a ticht yin he got yesterday .I also noted the Kilwinning spys Shanks & "moneybags" Mcluckie there again yesterday , following on fae Rab"ah love masel" Reilly & Jim "buffsound"Mcsherry , being at the Craimark game last wednesday ......Stevie Mallan ?? Get him signed Dazza !!!!!
Sunday, August 15th 2004 @ 11:41 AM

Posted by SINEY:

Great display by the boys yesterday,we looked a lot fitter than cumnock, even when we were down to 10 men.steve mallan was outstanding and must agree with johnny lad,he would be a good signing.i think that the fairplay award might not be sitting in our trophy cabinet this season.we look harder and meaner this season,the signings weve made look very good,roll on wednesday.
Sunday, August 15th 2004 @ 6:44 PM

Posted by Fan:

one word ,fantastic,deserved,different class,superb display,gritty,wot a performance
Sunday, August 15th 2004 @ 10:34 PM

Posted by Another Fan:

Scorers from yesterday were Davie Stewart , Stevie Mallan and Stevie Agnew
Sunday, August 15th 2004 @ 10:35 PM

Posted by Antap:

have just read a posting in the juniors messages page that crilly has been sacked-and some diddy called hugh hodge quoted that the glens were a poor side-well hugh if you read this -I and a few other glens supporters thing your talking pish as the glens were streets ahead of cumnock DESPITE that diddy of a referee-and remember we were down to 10 for a huge part of a very hard game -a game that the glens refused to wilt even after curruth -who was also the main target for crunchers from silky cumnock ,was injured- anyway its still open but its in our own hands now so no excuses or slipups lads
Sunday, August 15th 2004 @ 10:35 PM

Posted by carsons goats:

Cumnock make great play about the fact that they have players missing. Apoint that was also peddled on buff sound on Saturday. Would i be right in saying that the Glens had Matthews, Beattie, Boyd Mitchell, Johnstone and Bingham all missing on Saturday. The Glens players are all part of the squad and if they are signed you would expect them to be good enough. Given that Carruth was carried off and McCaig sent off early on Ithought the Glens performance was terrific and a credit to the players and coaches. Cumnock might get stronger but so will we professional management will again prove its worth and to need to spend big to get to another phase.
Sunday, August 15th 2004 @ 10:36 PM

Posted by 7989:

While you're on about your players being crunched I'd like to point out that Michael Glancy hobbled off the park after being "crunched" and Davie Kennedy booted John Dempster in the ankle before he had even touched the ball! Also we were missing our two best players,Paul Kerr and Stephen McCulloch and will improve greatly when they return to the side
Sunday, August 15th 2004 @ 10:37 PM

Posted by fan:

paul kerr played in the first game at lochpark,and never kicked a ball cause our centre half had him in his back pocket,paul kerr likes to dish out the rough stuff along with most of the cumnock team,but the glens are now a team that will not be pushed about,and u cant take it.the comments made by hodge on the scottish website were like some small child that got its dummy taken off it.a great display by glens only spoiled by the injury to joe,and johns sending off.maybe u should start playing your committee,heard they do a bit of ranting
Monday, August 16th 2004 @ 12:41 AM

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