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Friday, June 3rd 2005

10:20 PM


Photograph Courtesy of Ian Hay.


What Season ? (2 points)

  • Clue: The season of the Lisbon Lions

Who were the opponents ? (2 points)

  • Clue : 'Ran about in a wig-wam' - from the East

What venue? (5 points)

  • Clue : Not a home-tie but the home of the Glens!

What Cup Competition? (1 point)

  • Clue : The cup we brought hame in 1993

What Round? ( 2 points)

  • Clue : The one after the 2nd! (that one's for BJ!)

What  was the score? (2 points)

  • Answer : 3-0 to the Glens (Well done Siney)

Who were the goalscorers? (3 points each)

  • Clue : Nodder scored one, who scored a double? ?

Name the players  (1 point per player)

  • Clue : Nodder and Danny McCulloch are two, the Goalie provided the photo - who else?

What happened in the next round?  (5 points.)

  • Clues : Glens beat a flower from where Mary Queen of Scots was born

Which team won that Cup in that season? (5 points)

  • Clues : Rangers beginning with 'K' and promoted this season
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Posted by SINEY:

I probably wasnt born when that picture was taken[ha ha]but i'll have a bash to start the ball rolling.
1 64/65
2 Petershill
3 Petershill Park
4 Scottish
5 4th round
6 3-0 to Glens
7 Danny 1, Nodder 2.
8 McCulloch,Kirkpatrick,sorry its the only ones i know.
9 The next round,the Glens played 3 games before going tho[a guess]
10 Irvine Meadow.
My best shot, abit before my time,i will wait on Bobby marking my report card.
Saturday, June 4th 2005 @ 8:39 PM

Posted by Bobby Guthrie:

Hello Siney
It was the Scottish Cup but not the 4th round. It was a second replay so it was played at a neutral ground. The Score was 3-0 to the Glens and Nodder got one of the goals. :)
Sunday, June 5th 2005 @ 7:57 PM

Posted by Ashmark:

8.Tierney,McLean,Hay,McCulloch,Neil and Brennan, Front Watters,?,Carmichael,Kirkpatrick,O'Hara?,?
(Big Alex Jess will know them all.)
9.Linlithgow, who were favourites for cup.
I am surprised that Jim Carmichael was not picked out, another New Cumnock man born and bred and a very, very good player, he also played with Cumnock against the Glens in 1963, Scottish 1/4 final at Loch Park, Glens won 5-0, he then played with Craigmark who then were a top team.
A good quiz.
Sunday, June 12th 2005 @ 11:58 PM

Posted by Bobby Guthrie:

Great effort Ashmark

I think I mucked up the clue for 5. It was a Second round replay after 3-3 and 0-0 draw with Tranent. Scorers Nodder and Ian McWalters double. We beat Linlithgow then lost out at home to Valleyfield Colliery - another big crowd I seem to remember. The missing players are John McColl and Ronnie Sanderson (sub).

all the best
Tuesday, June 14th 2005 @ 7:21 PM

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